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I have dry and damaged hair, which product should I use?
For dry and damaged hair, use 50 Megumi (Moist) Hair & Scalp Range.
For oily and damaged hair, use 50 Megumi (Fresh) Hair & Scalp Range.
No, our products use natural ingredients that protect your hair colour.
You can start as early as 25 years old for preventive measures. (Age range: 25-50 years old and above).
For visible results, use 50 Megumi Anti-Hair Loss Treatment Essence continuously for 4 months.
It takes 3 - 4 months for your hair to grow, transition and rest before a new cycle is complete. It is vital to nourish the hair consistently from the beginning until the end of each cycle for visible results.

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We're sorry, but 50 Megumi does not offer samples as there will be no visible results if the product is used for a short amount of time.