Understanding Your Hair

Know more about what causes hair loss, symptoms and remedies to have an overall understanding of combating hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes

Depending on what’s causing it, hair loss affects us in different ways. Some hair loss conditions are temporary yet others are permanent. Hair loss doesn’t only affect your scalp but gradually affects your whole body.

Fast Food

Environmental factors, i.e. unbalanced diet, fast food, crash diets and certain medications can lead to hair loss as an undesired side effect.


Menopause and hormone imbalances cause hair to fall among older women. Hormone levels vary greatly during and after pregnancy as well.

Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyles and brushing the hair roughly may also be responsible for hair loss if the hair roots are subjected to pulling forces.


Hair loss can also be a side effect of certain diseases, e.g. hypothyroidism. In such cases, please consult your doctor.

Hair Loss Symptoms

  1. Overall Thinning

    Thinning on the top of the head is the most common type of hair loss as It affects both men and women. While men tend to experience receding hairline, women generally notice their hairline broadens.

  2. Bald Spots

    Appearing as circular or patchy, the size of bald spots varies from the size of a coin or even smaller. Bald spots may cause your scalp to feel itchy or painful immediately before the hair falls out.

  3. Handfuls Of Hair

    Stress, emotional or physical trauma contributes to sudden hair fall too. You may notice your hair falling off quickly while you’re washing or combing it, leading to overall thinning.

Hair Loss Prevention

Avoid Hairstyles That Pull On The Hair

Hairstyles that pull on the hair such as tight braids, ponytails can pull your hair away from your scalp and loosen the bond between the scalp and hair.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Genetics and age are major factors leading to hair loss. Unlike genetics, diet is a factor that we can control. Lack of nutrients in our diet could lead to hair fall hence it’s recommended to practice a balanced diet.

Scalp Massage

Gently massaging your scalp while washing your hair promotes hair growth. By promoting circulation in the affected area, your hair may grow more quickly with the help of the right product.

It’s not too late to rescue your hair!

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